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Advanced Neurotherapy with Brainspotting

Dr. Pie Frey's Pioneering Methods for the Modern Therapist

Dr. Pie Frey: The “Grandmother of Brainspotting”

Dr. Pie Frey, one of the first therapists trained by Dr. David Grand, is considered the Grandmother of Brainspotting and stands at the forefront of this therapeutic revolution. With her pioneering approaches and a deep-rooted understanding of Neurotherapy, Dr. Frey has consistently expanded and enriched the domain of Brainspotting.

Why Brainspotting? Delving into its Neurobiological Foundations

Brainspotting bridges the realms of classic psychotherapy and advanced neurobiology. This modality connects the physical with the emotional, forging links between the visceral experiences of trauma and the brain’s neural configurations. By targeting and recalibrating synaptic architectures, Brainspotting offers a deep, transformative therapeutic process that moves beyond mere symptom relief.

The Novelty of Brainspotting with OCD: Dr. Frey’s Exclusive Protocol

Dr. Frey has innovated the only Brainspotting protocol tailored for clients grappling with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This unique approach underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of therapeutic innovation. It reflects an understanding that each mental health challenge requires nuanced approaches, emphasizing individualized care.

Synaptic Integration: Beyond the Neuro-Somatic Dichotomy

At the nexus of cerebral processes and somatic imprints lies Brainspotting’s power. Dr. Grand defines Brainspotting as a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, providing therapists with a tool that accesses the brain’s deeply held traumas. By focusing on these neuro-somatic junctions, this therapeutic modality harnesses neuroplasticity, fostering holistic healing and synaptic reconfiguration.

Harmonizing Neurotransmission with Bilateral Music

Sound isn’t just an auditory experience; it’s a bridge to deeper cognitive processes. Brainspotting’s utilization of bilateral music is more than a mere auditory backdrop; it serves as a conduit for neural synchronization. Through alternating auditory stimuli, bilateral music encourages the brain’s hemispheres to harmonize, intensifying therapeutic resonance and promoting profound shifts in mental state.

Dr. Frey’s Progressive Courses: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Multicultural Therapy

In an increasingly globalized world, therapists need tools that account for a diverse range of cultures, experiences and orientations. Dr. Frey is at the vanguard of this movement. Her specialized courses tailored for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and multicultural clients reflect an acute understanding of diverse lived experiences. These courses are crafted to equip therapists with skills that foster a deeper connection, ensuring they can resonate with, and thus more effectively assist, every client. 

Brainspotting: A Neurobiological Marvel

Brainspotting, as described by Dr. David Grand, operates on the fundamental belief that “where you look affects how you feel.” This gaze-oriented therapeutic approach, grounded in the brain’s capacity for self-scanning and self-healing, serves as a testament to the brain’s incredible neuroplastic capabilities. By accessing and processing unresolved traumas, Brainspotting allows for a reconfiguration of neural pathways, promoting a profound sense of healing and integration.

Why Enroll in Dr. Frey’s Courses: Elevating Therapeutic Outcomes

In the dynamic field of Neurotherapy, staying abreast of the latest techniques is paramount. For therapists poised to redefine their practice, Dr. Frey’s courses stand as a guide. Drawing from her unparalleled expertise, innovative methodologies, and deep commitment to inclusivity, her training programs promise not only skill enhancement but a transformative journey. Therapists will find themselves equipped to navigate their clients’ complex neurobiological terrains, offering profound and groundbreaking care.