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Eyes on the Prize: The Benefits of Brainspotting Certification

Brainspotting is a form of psychotherapy that treats a broad variety of psychological and emotional conditions much more effectively than talk therapy. Becoming certified in Brainspotting can enhance your personal skillset and propel your practice.

Expanded Skill Set

  • Versatility: Brainspotting can be integrated into your other therapeutic approaches, enhancing your therapist’s toolkit.
  • Specialization: Becoming certified can offer an additional, specialized service that sets you apart from other therapists.


Trauma Treatment: Brainspotting is particularly renowned for its effectiveness in treating trauma and PTSD.

  • Emotional Release: The technique allows for the identification and rapid processing of deep-seated, difficult emotional issues.

Career Advancement

  • Increased Demand: As Brainspotting gains recognition, the demand for certified professionals in this method will increase.
  • Networking: Certification provides you opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, sharing techniques and success stories.

Broad Applicability

  • Range of Issues: In addition to trauma and PTSD, Brainspotting is used for treating anxiety, depression, and even performance enhancement in athletes and artists.
  • Client Base: The technique is effective for both adults and children, widening your potential client base.

Personal and Professional Development

  • Self-awareness: Practitioners often report increased self-awareness and personal growth as they learn to use Brainspotting.
  • Supervision and Support: Certification typically involves ongoing education and supervision, which is invaluable for professional growth.

Client Benefits

  • Quicker Results: Brainspotting can bring about therapeutic change more quickly than traditional talk therapies, providing relief and creativity enhancement quickly.
  • Minimal Talk: Brainspotting is a good alternative for clients who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, as it doesn’t rely solely on talking.

Evidence-Based Approach

  • Research-Backed: Though relatively new, initial research and clinical experience suggest its efficacy, attracting therapists who prefer evidence-based methods.

Certification Forms

Your certification starts with a consultation with Dr. Pie Frey. 
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